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The search engine looks for an exact match for the word, or words and does not look at the root of a word unless explicitly told to do so. For example: You cannot find articles on "dependents" by searching for the word "depend". You CAN find articles on dependents by adding an asterisk to indicate a broader search like depend*

Use uncommon words to retrieve documents for a more focused result.

Search for a phrase:

Enclose the phrase in quotes to search for the phrase as an entity. Otherwise, the search engine will match every word in the phrase individually.

For example: A search for .retirement eligibility. produces documents that have the phrase retirement eligibility, rather than the single words, retirement and eligibility.

Search for multiple words:

If you want to match on multiple words which are not part of a string, include them all in the search box.

For example: To search for articles containing the words medical and dependents, just type them in a row in the search box. You do not need to separate them with commas.

Exclude words from the results list:

If your results list is too extensive, you can narrow the results by excluding a word or words. To do so, put a - in front of the word you want to exclude.

For example: To search for information on dependents, but you are not interested in information about claiming your parents as dependents, type in the words dependent and -parent. The resulting list gives you articles about dependents but there are none that contain the word parent.


Access an Article

To access an article from any list, click on the underlined words to activate the link.

Accessible Links

This site contains the Accessible Links function in compliance with Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act. This site can be viewed with any screen reader or text reading web browser.

Active Link

Any underlined words found in AskHR are active links to other websites, articles, or files. Click on the underlined words to activate the link.

Advanced Search

The Advanced Search feature lets you search for articles by specific criteria. For instance, if you know the article number, you can enter it in Keywords, then from the Search in drop down list, choose by Article ID(s) (comma separated), then click the Start Search button. The resulting Search Results list contains only the specific article you requested.

You can also use Advanced Search to find articles that have been recently added or updated. Choose the correct time parameters from the drop down list under Search within... Indicate whether you want to see articles that have been Added or Updated by checking the appropriate check box. Click the Start Search button. The resulting Search Results list contains only the articles that have been updated or added within the timeframe you indicated.

To leave Advanced Search and return to the home page, click the Cancel button.

Article Number

This is a sequentially assigned number that is given to an article upon creation. You can use this number in the Advanced Search function to locate the specific article, or you can reference it in an email to ask us questions.

Contact Us

Click the Contact Us menu pick to open an email page. It prompts for your name (not required), email address and question/comment. Fill out all required fields and click OK to send. AskHR email is answered by a knowledgeable member of the website support team.


Click the Email tab to open up an email window. AskHR email is answered by a knowledgeable member of the website support team.


The Helpful? link is found in the registry of all articles. Click the Yes or No radio button, and then click Submit Vote. If you think the article is helpful and vote yes, your vote is simply added to the statistical information of the article. If you vote No, you are prompted to send us an email telling us how we can help you. We appreciate all feedback. In addition to answering your question, we use the information to continue building the articles database.


Click the Login tab to log into the AskHR website. Once you register, you can login using your username and password. If you choose to send email after logging in, your name and email address are automatically populated in the appropriate fields.


To register with the site, please click on the Register tab, and fill out the form as indicated. For security purposes, you are sent an email and must follow the instructions given to complete your registration. Note: An asterisk (*) indicates a required field.

If you choose to register and then login, your contact information automatically populates any email sent from within the AskHR site.


The Print link is found in the registry of all articles. Click this link to print the article.

Return to AskHR home page

To return to the AskHR home page from any other page on the website, click the Banner at the top of the page.

Send Article to a Friend

The Send Article to a Friend link is found in the registry of all articles. Click this link to send an article to a friend. You are prompted for the recipient.s email address, and a short comment.

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