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Benefits Enrollment Deadline

Question: What is my deadline to enroll in benefits when first eligible?

Answer: The number of days you have to enroll in Medical, Dental, Vision,  Flexible Spending Account, Life Insurance, Long-Term Disability, or Legal benefits for yourself and your dependents depends on your career/job family or bargaining unit and is specified on the Benefits Enrollment Deadlines and Defaults chart available on the University HR website. Make your benefits elections carefully. Once elections are submitted, your choices will be recorded as your benefits elections until the next Open Enrollment period.

You can enroll in or change Basic Retirement, Supplemental Retirement and Child Life Insurance at any time of the year. You can enroll in Expanded Long-Term Disability, Optional Group and Dependent Spouse or Other Qualified Adult Group Term Life Insurance at any time by providing proof of insurability in the form of a health statement.