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Applying For Jobs on the Careers Website

Question: Why can't I locate my school name, field of study or license/certification on the application menus? How can I enter my information?

Answer: The post secondary education and licensure and certification fields are not all inclusive at this time. If you are unable to locate your specific information, skip the field(s) and include the information on your submitted resume. Please note, when using the look-up function to find your school name, try clicking on the search icon next to the School field and changing the search parameter for School to Description "contains". and type in the most unique word in the school name to obtain a list of results to choose from. It can be a little tricky to complete the search using the full spelling of the school, since the search parameter you enter needs to match the table description exactly for it to appear in the results. It helps to leave the search parameters a little broader, which means you have to look at more records, but it also gives better results.